The Wisdom of Transparency

Make the wisdom of transparency work for your company—participate in the Supplement OWL.

When the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) spearheaded creation of the Supplement OWL® registry, we not only built a valuable database of dietary supplement product labels, we forged consensus about the wisdom of transparency among industry stakeholders—recognition that a responsible industry has nothing to hide and awareness among a wide range of companies, large and small, that disclosure builds trust.

With the OWL, we also began to build a bridge to deliver what our industry’s regulators need for better enforcement: full visibility into the supplement marketplace. Now, with mandatory product listing among FDA’s priorities for dietary supplements, companies who participate in the Supplement OWL are well positioned for compliance when that requirement becomes official.

The wisdom of transparency just gets more compelling. And companies participating in the Supplement OWL make that wisdom work for them, demonstrating to regulators, retailers, consumers—and even their business partners—the highest level of accountability and their commitment to self-regulation and proactive compliance. Your company should too!

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